“Diversity is counting the numbers, inclusiveness is making the numbers count.”

Prof. Boris Groysberg, Harvard Business School

Why am I a Diversity Advocate?

I am not only doing this since I am belonging to a diversity dimension, the LGBT+ spectrum, myself. I strongly believe in Diversity – and in the sciences, that prove that diverse organizations are more successful than monocultural ones.

Diversity & Inclusion is nothing new in the professional space. It all began in the 1950s (and in the U.S., noticeably). However, still too many organizations and individuals state things like ‘we don’t care anyway about the color/ethnic background/age/sexual orientation/gender and gender identity, etc. of our people’. And then you look at them and you see that they really don’t care – in either way.

It is not only intrinsic factors that make organizations want to change – for more diversity in their own workforce and in their client/customer base. There are a number of push factors like diversity quotas, non-discrimination acts and other compliance frameworks in the world these days. It’s a good idea to adhere to the legal frameworks of the areas an organization operates in, but it’s even more paying off when organizations really *want* to be diverse motivated by intrinsic factors.

And, in times where political regimes trigger roll-backs with regard to minority groups’ rights, in a world where homosexuality is still sanctioned by death penalty in numerous countries, in a world where civil protests take place because in democratic states people are killed because of their skin color, in a world where transgender persons are denied their own identity and are beaten up and killed for being who they are – I think the world needs more Diversity Advocates. That is why I am doing this.

As a diversity consultant and speaker I cover the following topics:

Diversity & Inclusion in general

What is Diversity and inclusion and where does this come from as a management concept? What can firms do to become more diverse and more inclusive? What dimensions of diversity are recognized and how can you include them in your strategy? And last but not least: what is the business case for Diversity for any firm?

LGBT+ diversity, with a special focus on transidentity in the workplace

What is it like to be ‘out’ or not out in the workplace when you are not heterosexual and not cis-gender (cis-gender = comfortable with the gender you were assigned at birth) – and why does it matter? How can you be an ally, supporting LGBT+ diversity? Why are LGBT+ networks important? This umbrella of topics is not focusing on rainbow flags and toilets, promised!

Unconscious bias

Unconscious bias – isn’t that the unintended unequal treatment of men and women? Yes, it is. And no, it is more than that. In my unconscious bias trainings you can learn what unconscious bias is – and how to overcome biases in the workplace. Just as one tile in the mosaic to become more diverse and inclusive.

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