My bird photography.

Watching and photographing birds is what I do (mostly) in my free time and I admire all feathered ones for their beauty and diversity. As an avid birder I rarely leave my house without binoculars, since a birder cannot not bird! ;-). This is a selection of my nicest photos, just for entertainment. All of my bird photos are wildlife. If you wish to follow my photography, you can find me on Instagram.

Hawfinch | Kernbeißer | Coccothraustes coccothraustes
Blackstart | Hausrotschwanz | Phoenicurus ochruros
Atlantic Puffin | Papageitaucher | Fratercula arctica
Common Whitethroat | Dorngrasmücke | Sylvia communis
Red-backed Shrike | Neuntöter | Lanius collurio
Pied Flycatcher | Trauerschnäpper | Ficedula hypoleuca
White Wagtail | Bachstelze | Motacilla alba
Red Kite | Rotmilan | Milvus milvus
Nightingale | Nachtigall | Luscinia megarhynchos
Common Snipe | Bekassine | Gallinago gallinago
Common Kestrel | Turmfalke | Falco tinnunculus
Long-eared Owl | Waldohreule | Asio otus
European Robin | Rotkehlchen | Erithacus rubecula
Tree Sparrow | Feldsperling | Passer montanus

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