Do cyclists have unconscious biases*? – Great live-and-in-person session with European Cyclist Foundation in Brussels

What a ride! Not only because of my excitement to get out of my home for a business occasion after a long time (and a tricky train journey with lots of unpleasant surprises, but hey, I don’t fly anymore, unless I really need to) for a live presentation in Brussels!

Many thanks to European Cyclist Foundation‘s CEO Jill Warren for the invitation to facilitate a session on Unconscious Bias and Gender Roles with ECF’s entire team in Brussels! Planned for 90 minutes, we ended up with over two hours of lively discussion which was especially exciting thanks to the multi-diverse backgrounds of your people. Keep on what you’re doing (and not only promoting cycling)!

(*) to answer the question: yes, they have, because we all have biases, and that’s totally ok. The question is what we do with them 😉