My first truly global speaking engagement

I’m very excited to be speaking live at the HLB International Global Summit tomorrow, talking about the business case for #diversity

What will happen during my session?

➡️ We will look at the history of diversity and inclusion in business (spoiler! It’s nothing new!).

➡️ I’ll provide an overview of the various dimensions of diversity (and yes, there are more than you might have thought!).

➡️ We’ll then look at the (business) drivers for diversity and inclusion. And there are plenty.

➡️ And finally we will look at possible solutions to overcome typical (maybe just perceived) barriers to ‘real’ diversity and #inclusion.

Marina Kooijmans (she/her)Julia SchneiderPetra Paulsen, Susanna Spada, and many more: many thanks for having me tomorrow (and on Friday!) and looking forward to a smashing session!