Wait, there are more than two genders?

Today is Intersex Awareness Day. Every human being is born with an individual gender development. For a certain group of people, however, this results in a special position. It is estimated that up to 120,000 people in Germany live with a variant of gender development. These people are born with physical characteristics between the commonContinue reading “Wait, there are more than two genders?”

Das mit den Fähnchen…

…oder warum es für “echte Diversity” nicht reicht, als Unternehmen nur am Christopher Street Day die Regenbogenfahne zu schwenken. In meinem Gespräch mit Florian Gontek für DER SPIEGEL ging es darum, wie es um LGBT+ Diversity in der juristischen Welt bestellt ist und warum es immer noch mehr Engagement auf dem Weg zu wahrer Diversity &Continue reading “Das mit den Fähnchen…”

The gender pay gap

Today I have had the honour to discuss the gender pay gap as a panelist for my friend Oana Cipca‘s Women in Exhibitions Network. Together with fantastic speakers from various parts of the world we spoke about: Where we are now: has pay disparity between men and women increased or decreased over the last decade?Continue reading “The gender pay gap”