The gender pay gap

Today I have had the honour to discuss the gender pay gap as a panelist for my friend Oana Cipca‘s Women in Exhibitions Network. Together with fantastic speakers from various parts of the world we spoke about:

Where we are now: has pay disparity between men and women increased or decreased over the last decade?

Why is it in the 21st century we are still having this conversation? Are old fashioned model of patriarchy still prevalent? Is this a bigger problem in the exhibitions industry than others? How do we as a sector compare?

What do various laws around the world say about equal pay; what are the legal obligations with which employers must comply? Is the legislation sufficient (or sufficiently enforced)?

Is there any evidence to suggest race is also an issue: would a black woman earn less than a white woman, for example?

Is this a problem that can be solved only by legislation, or do people ‘vote with their feet’ against employers who do not pay equally?

You can watch the full session recorded on Youtube.