How to create a safe and LGBT+ inclusive workplace – my session at Worldline Global

What a pleasure to speak about creating an LGBT+ inclusive workplace at Worldline Global today. It’s always fun and exciting to discuss gender inclusive language and terminology with diverse language backgrounds in the audience. This was quite a diverse 2-hour ride today, ranging from the history of diversity and inclusion in business to LGBT+ and trans-specific workplaceContinue reading “How to create a safe and LGBT+ inclusive workplace – my session at Worldline Global”

Dentons Celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility – and I had the honor to make this video with them

Watch the video here. Thank you, Dentons for celebrating #TDOV. This is a day to show that we are here, and that we are, in all our #diversity part of the (business) world and firms like you help make the (employment) world a better place for trans and nonbinary people. It was a great pleasure to make this video togetherContinue reading “Dentons Celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility – and I had the honor to make this video with them”

Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) 2021

On 31st March the world (well, hopefully at least as many people as possible), celebrate TDOV, the international transgender day of visibility. TDOV is a day to show your support for trans and non-binary people. It aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans and non-binary around the globe while fighting discrimination and transphobiaContinue reading “Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) 2021”

Geschlechtergerechte Sprache

Was ist eigentlich geschlechtergerechte Sprache? Ein Aufreger, “Gedöns” für viele, selbstverständlich noch für wenige. Aber was ist das nun genau? Und was ist geschlechtergerecht, -inklusive und -neutral und warum ist das wichtig? Wenn auf Englisch jemand sagt “Draw a pilot”, werden die meisten einen männlichen Piloten malen. Der #genderpaygap besteht unter anderem, weil Frauen häufiger geringerbezahlte BerufeContinue reading “Geschlechtergerechte Sprache”

Creating Diversity Awareness in the legal industry

In a live talkshow with all German Dentons offices involved and impressive management presence I experienced the impact of a truly diverse speaker panel: Carmen Schön, Johanna Mühlbeyer, Albert Kehrer and myself contributed very different views on the same matter: diversity and how it works. Thank you again for the invitation and the perfect organization, Robert Michels and everyone involved!

My first award trophy

Wow, I did not see this coming. This wonderful acknowledgment for my #diversity work arrived via post today, wrapped christmassy but humbly – what a lovely surprise! Thank you so much, dear Claudia Otto and dear Recht innovativ. Mit Recht. for this award. I will hold this in all honours and it will remind me every day that I am doingContinue reading “My first award trophy”

Wait, there are more than two genders?

Today is Intersex Awareness Day. Every human being is born with an individual gender development. For a certain group of people, however, this results in a special position. It is estimated that up to 120,000 people in Germany live with a variant of gender development. These people are born with physical characteristics between the commonContinue reading “Wait, there are more than two genders?”

The gender pay gap

Today I have had the honour to discuss the gender pay gap as a panelist for my friend Oana Cipca‘s Women in Exhibitions Network. Together with fantastic speakers from various parts of the world we spoke about: Where we are now: has pay disparity between men and women increased or decreased over the last decade?Continue reading “The gender pay gap”